Miriam Fuchs

M. Fuchs Consulting GmbH is an incorporated organisation with its corporate seat in Nürensdorf, Switzerland. It has been set up as an agile organisation with the goal to bring best-in-class consulting services to its clients without generating the overhead costs of traditional consulting firms.
Miriam Fuchs, founder and owner of M. Fuchs Consulting GmbH, has extensive experience in global strategic procurement and category management in food and food-related industries, including Flavors & Fragrances, FMCG and retail.
"My mission is to help my clients in optimizing their processes and improve their bottom line while also identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities.
With my robust industry background and large network, I can help to identify new opportunities, expand market reach, streamline processes, develop business plans and strategies and improve communication and collaboration across departments.
My approach is tailored to each client's specific needs, and I have a proven track record of delivering results."